Dreadlocks for everyone!

On our website you can find everything your heart wants. From synthetic dreadlocks in smooth and crochet over organic wool dreadlocks in bumpy and smooth to Clip-Ins and Dreadfalls.

All colours, style and decoration, custom made. According to your wishes.

Livana's Pick

And those are clearly my favourite set's I've created in the last month.

  • Average Amount for different Styles:

    - For a partial style or just few as accents, around 10 DE or 20 SE are needed.

    - For a high mohawk or undercut around 30 DE or 60 SE are required.

    - For a low undercut or sidecut, about 40 DE or 80 SE are needed.

    - About 25-30 DE or 50-60 SE are enough for half a head.

    - For a 3/4 head, about 30-40 DE or 60-80 SE are enough.

    - For a full head, about 45-50 DE or 90-100 SE are necessary.

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  • What are SE and DE?

    SE means single-ended and DE means double-ended.

    A single ended dreadlock has one end. And a double ended dreadlock has two ends.

    Single-ended dreadlocks/braids are often used for a full head to give natural volume. Double ended dreadlocks are often used for an undercut haircut. So you have a large volume through the additional ends.

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  • Special Care for Dreadlocks?

    All you need to know about the correct way to take care of your synthetic Dreadlocks. 

    One of the most asked question we get is: "How do I take care of my synthetic Dreadlocks?" - A lot of our customers are thinking that the care guide is immense complicated and exhausting. But it's the opposite. The care of Dreadlocks and Braids is one of the easiest thing. 

    In this short guide we will tell you all things you need to know. The first rule is the most important.

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