SE or DE? And how many do you need?

SE or DE? And how many do you need?

Whats the Difference between SE and DE?

The Basics are explaining just the difference between SE (single ended) and DE (double ended)

On the left you can see one single ended Dreadlock and on the right you can see one double ended Dreadlock.

SE means single-ended and DE means double-ended.

A single ended dreadlock has one end. And a double ended dreadlock has two ends.


Single-ended dreadlocks/braids are often used for a full head to give natural volume. Double ended dreadlocks are often used for an undercut haircut. So you have a large volume through the additional ends.


For a full head, I recommend a mix of both. The single endings are installed on the bottom of the head for low volume and the double endings are installed on the top of the head for more volume, on top. This gives you a wonderfully natural look from dreads or braids.


SE are better for the lower head because of the lots of baby hair. Then it doesn't hurt.


Average Amount for different Styles:

- For a partial style or just few as accents, around 10 DE or 20 SE are needed.

- For a high mohawk or undercut around 30 DE or 60 SE are required.

- For a low undercut or sidecut, about 40 DE or 80 SE are needed.

- About 25-30 DE or 50-60 SE are enough for half a head.

- For a 3/4 head, about 30-40 DE or 60-80 SE are enough.

- For a full head, about 45-50 DE or 90-100 SE are necessary.

How many do you need for a full Head?

Usually you use a mix of DE (double ended, so to speak, two dreads per strand of your own hair) and SE (single ended, a single dread per strand of your own hair). If you want natural volume, use about 40 DE and 20 SE (that would be 100 dread strands in total.)

With a lot of volume you take 50 DE and 10-20 SE (that would be 120 dread strands. But then your head is really full)

If the volume is low, you either use 90 SE (90 strands) or 45 DE (90 strands). Then you still have a full head, but not too much.



If you still have questions, you can always contact us.

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