Special Care for Dreadlocks? (synthetic)

Special Care for Dreadlocks? (synthetic)

All you need to know about the correct way to take care of your synthetic Dreadlocks. 


(This guide is made, after years of experience with Livana Dreadart synthetic Dreadlocks. You should always check out creators of other Dreadlocks and ask for their specialised care guides.)


One of the most asked question we get is: "How do I take care of my synthetic Dreadlocks?" - A lot of our customers are thinking that the care guide is immense complicated and exhausting. But it's the opposite. The care of Dreadlocks and Braids is one of the easiest thing. 

In this short guide we will tell you all things you need to know. The first rule is the most important.


Rule #1: The less the better. 

Yes exactly, the less you do for your Dreadlocks, the longer they will last and look as they are new.


Short Info:


~ Do not brush your Dreads, like never! Not with a comb neither with a soft brush. If you have open ends or long ends of your braids, you can brush these regularly. But do never brush your Dreadlocks. You will destroy their texture and then you can just toss them in the garbage. 


~ To keep your Dreads from becoming one big Dreadlocks due to tangleign together. You should seperate the Dreadlocks at least every second day from eachother. 


~They do not need extra products, neither do they need any special care. The less the better. 


~Do not wash your Dreadlocks and Braids too often. Twice a week is absolut enough.  


~When you wash the Dreadlocks/Braids, you should never rub too much. When you wash your hair and rub too much, it can break your hair and you'll get frizzy, thin and damaged hair. Always rub gently and press light while drying it with a towel.  


~ Don't try to colour them with any kind of Haircolours. You will instant kill your Dreadlock...


Washing guide: 


Get your head and all the dreads wet, then use just a little bit of Shampoo and put it only on your sculp. Rub it gently on your sculp and only on the roots around your Dreadlocks/Braids. You do not need to shampoo your Dreadlocks or Braids directly; they get enough shampoo from washing your head. 

After rinsing your sculp with water, take some more special time to rinse your dreads out too. Don't worry if you leave some shampoo in the Dreads. They will not get mold or start to stink.

After you washed them, you should just press the water out with a towel, do not rub your sculp or Dreadlocks/Braids. The best is to let them air dry. 

If you wash your Dreads in the morning, you can let them completely air dry over the day. If you wash them in the evening, lay a towel next to your pillow and place your dreads on the towel. Then they can air dry over night too. (But I would not recommend that, because it can happen that they don't dry properly)


Special care? 


Your Dreadlocks or Braids do not need any extra products, you should not use any chemicals too. No hairspray, no wax, no oils.

If your sculp is itching all the time, try to wash it.  If this is not working, put a little of coconut oil or any other natural oil on your sculp. Oils are not harming the Dreadlocks or Braids. But coconut oil is the best option, cause it will not make your sculp too greasy or dry it out. 


And that's it. There is nothing else to think about. Keep in mind to not to worry about the Dreadlocks or Braids too much. Day by day you will get used to them more and learn how to leave them in peace. 


If you still have any questions, go ahead and ask me ^^

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