Special care for wool dreadlocks?

Special care for wool dreadlocks?

All tips I can give you for taking care of your wool dreadlocks.


(This guide is made, after years of experience with Livana Dreadart wool Dreadlocks. You should always check out creators of other Dreadlocks and ask for their specialised care guides.)


I'm sure you heard about the rumors of wool dreadlocks. "You can't wash them." - "They will get moldy." - "They stink after a while." and more and more and more....

Let me just push those rumors aside, and let me tell you. It's wrong. But sadly also a little true, if you do not take care of them properly, they can turn into a nightmare. Just like real hair, real dreadlocks and synthetic dreadlocks. 

In this short guide I will tell you all things you need to know. The first rule is the most important.


Rule #1: The less the better. 

Yes exactly, we keep the same rule as for the synthetic Dreadlocks. The less you do for your Dreadlocks, the longer they will last and look as they are new.


Short Info before we start with the washing guide:


~ Do not brush your Dreads, like never! Not with a comb neither with a soft brush. You will destroy their texture and then you can just toss them in the garbage. :(


~ To keep your Dreads from becoming one big Dreadlocks due to tangleign together. You should seperate the Dreadlocks at least every second day from eachother. 


~They do not need extra products, neither do they need much special care. The less the better. EXCEPT: Here and there you should pick some lint balls (fluff balls) from your dreadlocks, so they don't look too wild.


~Do not wash your Dreadlocks and Braids too often. Once a week is absolut enough. You can wash your scalp more often, but not the whole dreads. 


~When you wash the Dreadlocks/Braids, you should never rub too much. When you wash your hair and rub too much, it can break your hair and you'll get frizzy, thin and damaged hair. Always rub gently and press light while drying it with a towel.  


~ Don't try to colour them with any kind of Haircolours. You will instant kill your Dreadlock...


Washing guide: 


Get your head and all the dreads wet. Be careful, the more wool dreadlocks you have on your head, the heavier it will get.

Then use just a little bit of Shampoo and put it only on your sculp. Rub it gently on your sculp and only on the roots around your Dreadlocks/Braids. You do not need to shampoo your Dreadlocks or Braids directly; they get enough shampoo from washing your head. 

(If you apply shampoo on your wool dreadlocks, it can happen that you need 30 minutes and more to rinse them out.)

After rinsing your sculp with water, take some more special time to rinse your dreads out too. Make sure that your dreadlocks have mostly no shampoo inside anymore. 

After you washed them, you should just press the water out with a towel, do not rub your sculp or Dreadlocks/Braids. The best way to keep them fresh and not get mold inside of the dreadlocks is to let them air dry. 

Make sure you only wash your Dreads in the morning. That way you can let them completely air dry over the day. And don't need to worry about anything. 

If you wash them in the evening it can happen that they don't dry properly and actually get stinky. They won't get moldy right away, but wool can get stinky when they don't dry properly.


Special care? 


Your Dreadlocks or Braids do not need any extra products, you should not use any chemicals too. No hairspray, no wax, no oils. And please don't use conditioner.

If your scalp is itching all the time, try to wash it first and apply some coconut oil or some organic scalp oils.

You can also try the oils first and see if it helps. Sometimes it can be that the dreadlocks are braided too tight into your hair, and you are pulling hair out. If the oils is not helping, try to rebraid the dreadlocks. This time, more loose.


And that's it. There is nothing else to think about. Keep in mind to not to worry about the Dreadlocks or Braids too much. Day by day you will get used to them more and learn how to leave them in peace. 


If you still have any questions, go ahead and ask me ^^

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