All Pros/Cons you need to know!

All Pros/Cons you need to know!

I get recently a lot of questions why I recommend wool Dreadlocks over synthetic (kanekalon) Dreadlocks.

To make it easy to understand, I decided to split these two materials up into pros and cons.


Wool Dreadlocks pros:

♥ Super soft, way more than human or synthetic hair 

♥ Lighter and gentler on the roots, perfect for sensitive heads 

♥ All hairstyles with heating method are possible (blow dryer, straight iron, curling iron) 

♥ Very quick drying 

♥ Most Fire resistant, stops flame 

♥ Eco-friendly, from natural source, non-toxic, even after long time used 

♥ You can boil and sanitize them Stay a lot cleaner a lot longer Biodegradable, renewable 

♥ Low co2 footprint, animal friendly, when you buy from shops who support small, good, animal friendly farmers from the region of the shop 

♥ All colours are possible, with all roots, custom orders are all possible to create 

♥ You can Maintain them by yourself easy 

♥ Breathable, is absorbing heat, keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter 

♥ Decoration does not destroy the wool dreads


Wool Dreadlocks cons: 

x Can lose little colour after boiling too often 

x Absorbs light, not shiny like natural hair 

x Some people can be allergic against wool 

x Can get fluffballs at the beginning, will get better over time 

x Decoration can fall off     


>> Having said that, I know that not everyone is a fan of wool. So if you still prefer synthetic dreads. That's okay, of course. But maybe you would like to order some wool dreadlocks to try on. And it could change your whole dreadlocks experience. <<


Synthetic Hair pros: 

♥ Don’t lose colour 

♥ Shiny like natural hair 

♥ Look more like natural hair dreadlocks   


Synthetic Hair cons: 

x Very itchy, and heavy, more when it’s wet, can rip your hair out 

x Not recommended for sensitive heads or thin hair 

x Not possible to make all hair style with heat (blow dryer, straight iron, curling iron) 

x Takes very long to dry 

x Uses material what are known as one of the fastest burn materials on earth 

x Not breathable, can trap heat and moisture 

x Decoration can fall off or stick on other dreads and pull-out fibre what can destroy the dreadlocks over time 

x Not good for earth or humans, made from two plastic types that are toxic when combined with heat and send microplastic into organism of humans and animals after worn out  

x Not biodegradable and not recyclable 

x Co2 footprint is huge, only produced in Asia (mostly China) and takes long way to Europe

x Can get frizzy over time 

x Not all colours are possible, most come with black root ombré

x It’s hard to maintain without knowledge, can get destroyed very quick  


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